We are a European company which bases its business activities on remanufacturing consume relectronics and environmental protection. As one of the leading printer consumable material remanufacturers, we consider ourselves a competent business partner for you. On these pages, you will find more details about our products, services and solutions, support, and our commitment towards the environment. 

Since it was founded in 1994 in Italy, SEA group opens up new perspectives in aftermarket solutions and remanufacturing toner and ink cartridges. Since that day ­ to this day SEA group has been trying to make the world a little better place every day and make it healthier, safer and fuller for all of us. We are committed to new technologies development for the needs of consumer electronics remanufacturing, which comply with the most demanding ecological and industrial standards and offer more security, quality and productivity to our customers. 

SEA group History – GIGRAPHIX DOO

Company headquarters is in Limatola – Italy, where it was founded in 1994 as one of the first distributors and later, remanufacturer of consumables for printers “Free Tech” on the EU market. At the very beginning, SEA group bases its offer on aftermarket solutions and raw and processed materials distribution, as well as offering additional services, before and after sales. As such, it becomes recognized as one of the leading raw and processed materials distributer on the EU market for ink and toner cartridges. With time, customers are becoming more and more demanding in terms of quality and quantity, and the ever­growing EU market demand has grown even bigger over the years, and consequently, it encouraged us to start remanufacturing, which meets current and future market requirements.

During the last 20 years, production capacities were expanded and streamlined several times. Even today, they represent one of the most up­to­-date ones in the world. In the last few years, demand for our products has increased, which makes us expand our production in 2006 as a response to an increasingly demanding market. Market economy conditions, logistics location, but also high quality human resources impose Kikinda as an ideal place for a new factory named GIGRAPHIX. In 2006, a logistics distribution center was opened on an area of more than 3000 square metersÍž and after obtaining all necessary licenses and resolutions, the production capacities reconstruction has started on the newly purchased factory location, and afterwards, in 2012, the first monobloc production started.

Nowadays, the manufacturing plant and the distribution center comprise of more than 14.000 m2 of closed space, while the recycling center includes over 200.000 m2. Production is based on compliance with high European and world quality standards and it is monitored by certified companies for quality assurance. Gigraphix has achieved certification in ISO, DIN and ASTM. Constant improving and production development made SEA group one of the first remanufacturers committed to development of alternative cartridges for color laser printers.

At present, the factory has over 100 employees and constantly directs its focus to a competitive, high quality product.


As a remanufacturer, along with our business partners, we assist end­ users with choosing a product in complete accordance with their wishes and needs, but also help them lead their lives and business in accordance with eco­friendly attitudes and principles, when it comes to environmental protection.


Our goal is to make maximum use of all aftermarket product distribution channels but in a way to respect their specificity. We form our offer accordingly, in terms of product selection and their prices, as well as time and method of delivery, and further logistics and service support. Our expert team is at our clients' disposal with a task to resolve their requests in the most efficient way, in the least time possible, to mutual satisfaction. Our business process works as a complete whole, using its own resources in the distribution area, as well as in technical support and logistics.


This line of business itself gives us an opportunity to make maximum use of e­-business, providing our clients with exceptionally efficient support, along with an enviable amount of data via specialized partner portal. Our mission is to fulfill, but also to affect aftermarket product and consumer electronics market demands, and together with our partners, enable end-­users to access a remarkably wide selection of products. Our products are available immediately, through various sales channels, with a competitive price, including full logistics and service support. Our vision is to be a leading remanufacturer of consumer electronics, synchronize our offer with our clients’ and market demands, while being respectful towards highest principles of modern business and environmental management.