We are a European company which bases its business activities on remanufacturing consume relectronics and environmental protection. As one of the leading printer consumable material remanufacturers, we consider ourselves a competent business partner for you. On these pages, you will find more details about our products, services and solutions, support, and our commitment towards the environment. 

Since it was founded in 1994 in Italy, SEA group opens up new perspectives in aftermarket solutions and remanufacturing toner and ink cartridges. Since that day ­ to this day SEA group has been trying to make the world a little better place every day and make it healthier, safer and fuller for all of us. We are committed to new technologies development for the needs of consumer electronics remanufacturing, which comply with the most demanding ecological and industrial standards and offer more security, quality and productivity to our customers. 

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